All photography by Camille Marie Images

All photography by Camille Marie Images

Hello! I’m Erica Nichols, and I am a writer and editor with experience in journalism, blogging and social media in both digital and print form. My writing focuses on design, travel, and food.

I was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and found my way to the south for a writing degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Savannah, GA. My heart still belongs to the west, but my love for history, art, storytelling and the occasional (daily) car karaoke to '80s ballads knows no bounds.

My work is influenced by writers who listen and allow a person or place to speak for themselves. Joan Didion, Annie Dillard, and Sarah Stillman are just a few favorites that impact both my work and writing style. I write to capture a moment in time, to share important stories that can connect readers, and to capture the integrity of a person or place through the unique details that set them apart.

For questions or business inquiries, please contact me at ericajnichols(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you for your time!